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A cop on a mission. A woman running from her fate. Both on a collision course with evil. In the pulse-pounding sequel to BAD WOLF, the nightmare that ripped open two lives slips from the darkness to once again stalk the streets of Portland. Three months after his partner mysteriously vanished, detective John Gallagher is haunted by his encounter with something that should not exist. With no clues as to her disappearance, detective Lara Mendes is presumed dead but Gallagher refuses to give up the search. Like a man possessed, he pushes himself to the brink to find his missing partner. At a downtown firing range, 17-year old Amy Gallagher is taught how to fire a gun by her father. She goes along for his sake but Amy is increasingly troubled by her father’s instability. His nightmares, paranoia and obsession with locating his missing partner are clear signs of post traumatic stress but her pleas for him to seek help fall on deaf ears. Chafing under his strict rules, Amy struggles to save her dad before he pushes himself over the edge. Two hundred miles away, a woman with a terrible secret hides in the vastness of the Oregon wilderness, desperate to outrun her fate. Banished into self-imposed exile with a worsening condition, ex-detective Lara Mendes has exhausted any hope for a cure to her cursed existence. With no options left, her last chance for peace may be to take her own life. Stalking her through the pines is a primordial nightmare plucked straight from a Grimm’s fairytale. It wants Lara Mendes and will stop at nothing to get her. The only question that remains is who will get to her first, and what will Lara do when they come?

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